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What You Need To Know About Carpet Padding

Many people have no idea how much of a difference carpet padding can make in the look and feel of the carpeting material that is installed. The purpose of carpet pad is to lengthen the life of the carpeting, give it a softer feel, reduce noise, and provide some insulation. It also takes some stress off of the fibers of the carpet. When you decide to buy new carpet, padding is something you need to consider.

For you newly installed carpeting to last long, padding is very much needed. It is a very important decision when deciding on what carpet pad should be installed. There are a couple of factors that need to be considered carefully before the final decision is made. These factors are:

  • Padding Density - This is one way that carpet pad is rated. Some types of carpet padding have a density that ranges between three to five pounds. This type is usually installed in apartments due to how inexpensive it is. For residential homes, carpet padding usually comes with a density range of six to eight pounds with the availability of ten pounds. Typically, six pounds has more of a comfortable feel, but eight pounds has the possibility of offering more support in high traffic areas.
  • Padding Thickness - This type of rating combines the elements of thickness, density, and type. It is required for every carpet company to maintain a warranty. The thickness of carpet padding varies, but 7/16 is the more common thickness used. Try to avoid the thought of thicker carpet pad being more comfortable. If pad is too thick, the carpeting can begin to develop wrinkles.

Types Of Carpet Pad

When making the final decision of what carpet padding is going to be used, there are a few types to choose from. Take a look at each type of pad before making the final choice. These types consist of:

  • Synthetic Fiber (Wool) - Typically, this carpet pad is used for berber and commercial types of carpeting. It is a denser type of carpet pad that breathes well and does not have a super spongy feel to it. It is made from recycled wool and allows berber and commercial carpeting withstand heavy amounts of foot traffic.
  • Rebond Pad - This type is mostly used for residential living spaces. This type of carpet padding is made up of multicolored recycled urethane foam. It comes in all kinds of thicknesses and is available almost anywhere. For residential settings, it is the most economical choice and the higher quality that is chosen, the better its performance will be.
  • Prime Urethane Foam (Virgin Urethane) - This type of carpet padding is not made of recycled material. However, the foam is a higher grade, making it a good choice for residential living. Even though it was designed for more of a commercial setting, it has become quite common in homes and other residential living spaces. It does cost more than most carpet pad, making it an uncommon choice.
  • No matter what type of carpeting you choose to get installed, make sure to consider the types of padding available. Be sure to pick the correct type of padding for your carpeting to avoid problems with installation.