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Buying Stain Resistant Carpet

Many homeowners today are looking for that "stain proof carpet" or the carpeting that will resist all stains. Unfortunately, stain proof carpet does not exist. There are, however, types of material that make great stain resistant carpet. If you are trying to find some carpeting that is great against stains, let us lend a hand.

For new carpet, the home can be called a battlefield considering all of the stuff that gets on it. Kids spill all kinds of juices on it and our pets track in all kinds of things. This can generate some major stains and if they are not quickly taken care of, they can last forever. Carpet padding can defend the floor itself from getting damaged by spills, but the carpet itself still suffers. Professional carpet cleaning is a great choice when battling stains, but it does come with an expensive price. There are also many different tricks you can try on your own, but that also does not guarantee complete removal. The best way to avoid stains is prevention and finding carpet that can resist them well. If you are wanting to install new carpeting, make sure to consider what types of carpet are good at resisting stains before you make a final decision. These types of material are:

  • Wool - The fibers of this carpeting are coated with a stain preventing chemical. It makes a great stain resistant carpet without any kind of treatment and is considered one of the best options to choose from. This is because wool naturally resists many different kinds of spills and oils. For those homeowners who deal with oils and occasional spills, this may be the carpet for you.

  • Nylon - When it comes to stain resistant carpet, this material is one of the most popular choices in homes. Combining this material with a stain resistant coating makes it a very durable choice. Just keep in mind that nylon varies from carpet to carpet, so you have to be careful when choosing a coating. Also, the color choice is limited, so it may not be the best choice for those who like a lot of color.
  • Polyester - This material makes a great choice for a stain resistant carpet. Polyester is a durable material and while is does not make a stain proof carpet, it does come pretty close. Almost any kind of spill will sit on the top of the fiber, making it easier to clean. It is also a more affordable choice, so if finances are an issue, this is the carpeting to go with.

Also make sure to consider the styling of the carpet you are looking at. Berber, for example, does not allow stains to soak down into the fibers. This makes the spill easier to clean out, and it can be much more resistant than other styles such as plush or frieze. Another factor that can affect how well the material works depends on how quick you are to clean up the spill. No matter how stain resistant the carpeting is, if you do not promptly take care of the spill, it will stain.

Stain Resistant Carpet Installation

While stain proof carpet does not exist, the carpeting listed above can be the answer to this problem. Without the proper installation however, the carpeting will not last as long as it should. To find a professional carpet installation company in your area, use our network to find those companies close to you. Take the time to fill out a free carpet estimate to get started. A proper installation combined with the right carpeting material can provide you with carpet that last for years to come.