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Hidden Carpet Charges?

Getting new carpet and flooring installation can be quite an enjoyable experience, but there are a few things that consumers need to know about. Many people are unaware of it, but there are extra hidden carpet charges that some carpet installation companies will tack onto the final price. They are able to get extra money out of customers without them even realizing it. To make sure that you are not tricked by any of these companies, let us teach you how to catch them.

The Most Commonly Used Carpet Charges

When you choose to get new carpet installed, you expect to pay exactly what they say and also have a fun and exciting experience. To make sure this happens, here is a list of the most common hidden carpet charges used today:

  • New Carpet Delivery - Once you have made your purchase of the type of carpeting you want, it is safe to assume that the installers would deliver the carpeting with the transaction. Sadly, most companies will charge to have the carpeting delivered to your doorstep. Make sure to ask if the installers will do this for free before finalizing a deal.
  • Extra Rooms - Many companies advertised today promote a free installation at a very low price without stating the specifics. They typically mean the low price only applies to a standard sized room. This is most likely not known by you, and the final cost of the installation builds.
  • Transition Strips - These small pieces are used to make a smooth transition from one type of flooring to the other. These typically are not included in the purchase of the flooring, so make sure to ask about them before you end up paying for them without knowing about it.
  • Dump Fee - When the carpeting is installed in your home, you would expect that it would be taken away by the installers. Sadly, many companies charge for this without your knowledge.

By paying close attention to the purchase you make, you will be able to catch the small charges and possibly avoid them.

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