How Long Should Carpet Last?

February 16, 2017 10:29 pm

It’s hard to predict how long carpet should last, especially when it depends on so many aspects. Roughly, carpet should last between 5-15 years. According to manufacturers, carpet should last 10 years.

So, how do we know when our carpet is old and when new carpet should be installed?

Here are a few example scenarios to consider:

  1. If you are “the entertainer” in your group of friends or family and, every party, every gathering, every holiday or special occasion is at your house, you most likely would want your carpet replaced much sooner than ten years. You’re probably looking at a 5-year lifespan, maybe seven years if you’re lucky. Can you imagine all the wear and tear your carpet takes? Heavy traffic results in matting, flattening and even tearing of carpet, hence, requiring you to have new carpet installed in your home more often than you thought.
  2. Have an actively busy home with kids, pets, or both? This scenario likely entails excessive movement, food, and drink spills and, not to mention, pet accidents happen no matter how well our beloved pet is trained! Again, your home might require new carpet installation once every few years.
  3. Business requires you to travel a lot, or you spend most of your time at another residence? This would make us assume your carpet probably doesn’t get as much use as an average household carpet would. Therefore, in your situation, your carpet could last a lot longer than predicted, if cared for frequently.  


Tips On Extending the Lifespan of Your Carpet:

  • Vacuuming: Should be done once a week, or more depending on how active your home lifestyle is. The agitation and suction help remove dirt, dust, animal dander and any other particles that may have fallen onto the carpet. Regular vacuuming not only helps fluff fibers and make some carpeting look lush, but it also helps with removing compounds that degrade air quality, making for a better breathing environment.
  • Quickly Attend to Spills: It doesn’t only reflect on water, juice, or whatever the liquid may be, but it is crucial to clean up pet accidents swiftly. The longer fluids or fragments sit, the more likely they will impact the fibers permanently. Immediate attention is always required especially when it comes to acidic fluids or liquids with color such as wine.
  • Pamper Your Carpet: Yes, we mean, give your carpet some special TLC. Has your carpet professionally cleaned every 12-15 months? An average household vacuum sometimes doesn’t have the capability or power to provide deep cleaning. Professional companies, with industrial grade equipment and expertise, will adequately and thoroughly clean your carpet. Frequent cleanings will ensure a healthy and long-lasting carpet.    

When asked the question, “how long should my carpet last?” Experts cannot give you a specific time frame. They can make predictions based on their years of knowledge, or what manufacturers estimate, but every carpet lifespan is different. Getting a free estimate can help you determine what the best carpeting for your space based on your needs.

Every household is different, and everyone’s routine is distinct. In theory, it isn’t a matter of how long the carpet has been in your home, but how busy your home is and, how often you clean and maintain it. If it is properly cared for and well preserved, carpet can last longer than one would anticipate.

The majority of new carpet installations come with some carpet warranty. It is important to know as much as you can about the carpet you plan on buying and having installed in your home. It is also wise to ask about the warranty that specifically comes with your carpet.

Thinking about having new carpet installed in your home? We’ve compiled valuable expert tips on how to know when it’s time to change your carpet. Or, maybe all your carpet needs is a good professional cleaning.


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