8 signs you should change your carpet (2 are shocking)

April 11, 2017 8:17 pm

Having new carpet, or any flooring for that matter, installed in your home has such an impact on its appearance. Not only does new carpet make the house look clean and inviting, but more valuable and desired. Carpet does so much for a house. It is cozy and intimate; your kids love to play and lie down on it, and it is where your pets snuggle up to take their naps.

Even though manufacturers believe new carpet should be installed every ten years, this all depends on the type of carpeting that’s in your home, and the lifestyle you lead.

Homes with an active household including kids and pets might require their carpet to be changed more frequently.

In general, the average lifespan of carpet is between 5-15 years; high-quality carpet is known to last a lot longer. Many factors play into what makes carpet last, and why sometimes new carpet installation is a must!

If you are unsure whether you need new carpet installed or, maybe your carpet just needs a good cleaning, here is what to consider that might help you with your decision:

  1. Overused and unappealing: This consists of matting, tears, visibly noticeable snags, and flattening. Some can deal with the flattening, but when it comes to the snags and tears, or the matting that is unattractive to look at, that is when replacing, or having new carpet installed is necessary. You can try to mend and repair small flaws, but larger ones are hard to fix and very costly.
  2. Stains: When you are using end tables to cover them up or rearranging your furniture in hopes no one spots them, stains are the number one reason for having new carpet installed. Sometimes, professional cleaning can get them out and, possibly, help to obtain more years out of your carpet. However, if the stains have embedded themselves into the fibers or below the surface, cleaning might not be the solution. Consider this, even carpet that comes with a stain-guard, over time, this eventually wears off making stains ruthless in dealing with.
  3. Smelly Carpet: If you have pets, your carpet most likely doesn’t smell fresh all the time. It is not always the pet itself, but their accidents. So, if you have an old pet who accidentally urinates on the carpet, or maybe a sassy little pet who likes to mark his or her territory, this can be a problem with smells. Even with cleaning, these fluids instantly penetrate into the fibers, deep into the surface, and down to the padding. Regardless, pet urine can be so foul and acidic, even with quick cleanup, it is hard to know if you got it all out.
  4. Mold Growth: Yes, mold can grow in carpet. It can come from urine, vomit, or anything that has been spilled on the carpet and lacked proper cleanup. Wall-to-wall carpet can provide a nice breeding ground for mold; this is especially common in basements. Because mold cells are often in the air when these cells land on a wet or damp surface indoors (where there is dust for these cells to feed on) it promotes the growth of mold. When there is mold, there are bacteria which results in heightening or worsening of allergies. In the event you notice mold has been developing in your carpet, it is highly recommended to have new carpeting installed to avoid contaminants and health issues.
  5. Allergies: With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can eliminate allergy causing particles. The mold, mildew, dust mites or animal dander that gets trapped in the fibers can be easily removed by vacuuming and proper cleaning. However, with carpet that has nearly exceeded, or already past its lifespan, these substances have worked themselves into the fibers and deep below the surface, even with proper cleaning, unfortunately, there’s no way to extract them thoroughly. In turn, causing constant allergy flare-ups or worsening of asthma for those who suffer from it.
  6. Carpet Padding: Padding is what allows you to comfortably sit on the carpet, providing you with a cushioned surface. It muffles the sound of footsteps and helps increase insulation. Having proper padding installed improves the lifespan of carpet. When padding wears down, this weighs heavily on the carpet causing it to deplete quicker than anticipated. If your carpet looks good, but the padding is wearing down, maybe consider only having new carpet padding installed.
  7. Old and Outdated: When your company walks into your house, and the first thing they spot is that shaggy red carpet from who knows when the look on their faces might be telling you something: “It is time to have that carpet replaced.” Moreover, if that carpet is as old as you or one of your kids, according to all the guidelines we just talked about including health concerns, it is time to make a replacement.
  8. Budget: Of course, with every home improvement project comes the question of whether or not it is affordable. So often, these important tasks are set aside because monetary reasons make it difficult to commit to such investments. However, plenty of companies these days have a financing plan that is economical and specifically designed to work with YOUR budget. A lot of them might even offer free financing.

Looking back, we discussed some of the most important components when it comes to carpeting. I hope this helped you reach a conclusion as to whether or not your carpet should be replaced, or it just needs a thorough professional cleaning. In essence, carpeting should be professionally cleaned every 12-15 months.

There are plenty of reputable businesses out there that can help answer more of your questions, and some even come to your home for a FREE In-Home Inspection and Estimate. Do your research and call one today!

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